Step 1: Retirement Plan

Don't wait until you're ready to retire to start planning. We'll work closely with you to get everything into place and discuss methods of investing your personal savings so that you're ready when the time comes. Read more about our retirement planning process.

Step 2: Estate Plan

Step 2 focuses on ensuring that beneficiaries receive the maximum amount of wealth possible while still providing flexibility for estate owners prior to death. Read more about our estate planning process.

Step 3: Investment Plan

In Step 3, we will implement an investment plan based on several market factors. Investment plans must be flexible enough to be strategically revised with market fluctuations. Read more about our investment planning

Step 4: Review Process

Wealth management is an ongoing process and should recognize changes in the economic environment, legislative changes, or changes in family dynamics, which can affect financial goals. Consequently, we meet with our clients on an agreed upon schedule either quarterly, semi-annually or annually to review their retirement, estate and investment plans.

Quarterly/Semi-annual/Annual meetings include:
  • Review progress towards retirement goals (income needs, performance, portfolio evaluation, income sources, timeline, etc.)
  • Estate plan review (beneficiary designations, gifting schedule, asset ownership, legislative changes, etc.)
  • Investment review
  • Portfolio performance
  • Portfolio re-balancing
  • Re-assess investment strategy
  • Manager changes
  • Style drift
  • Advanced planning for retirement is crucial. Our Financial Planners will work with you to develop a personalized Action Plan before you retire to ensure that certain procedures and strategies are carried out ahead of time.

  • Developing an estate plan guarantees that the maximum amount of your estate will go to your beneficiaries, rather than into someone else’s hands. It also aims to maintain flexibility for the initiating party prior to death. This process is the foundation of generational wealth.

  • We will develop a strategic investment plan by considering risk tolerance, time horizon, liquidity, and income requirements. Your plan will be flexible enough to adjust with the changing market.